I am Jordan D’Nelle.

I am a physician assistant by trade and a women’s health educator by night. Since the wee ages I remember being that girl in health class that knew everything and always wanted to learn more. My friends would always come to me to talk about what is going on “down there.” When they needed help finding the right birth control, they would come to me. I was your go to girl when it came to how a women’s body worked.

As I grew up and went to college, I always thought adolescent and women’s health was my thing. I STILL FEEL THIS WAY! Such a unique population to work with. A provider must gain so much trust before they will talk to you about what is going on in their life. I love this. I love reminding women their bodies are amazing and to love and respect them. I love teaching about a women’s body in a nonjudgmental way.

Fast forward to my adult life, I have had the opportunity to help many women love their bodies, learn new things about their bodies, and grow and develop their romantic relationships. My gate way was becoming a Pure Romance consultant in 2012. Since then I impacted many lives and continue to regular.

My goal is to continue to help support women as they grow their knowledge about their bodies using my background as a physician assistant and my experience as Pure Romance consultant.

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